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DS Evolution Is Here! DS Evolution Is Here! DS Evolution Is Here!

The Time is Now to

Comprehensive Training.

Simply put, DS Evolution is the most in-depth, complete, eBay Drop Shipping Course on the market. Whether you are a beginning or aspiring drop shipper or you are an experienced seller, Drop Ship Evolution will fill any gaps in training that you might have and broaden your horizons.

Coaching Available

If you are in need of individualized assistance, personal coaching is available from both instructors to be scheduled on your own terms on the eCom Legends site. Meet online with the instructor of your choice and receive recordings of your sessions and an action plan to follow. Well guide you through on your journey to success.


Your instructors have developed interactive course content for you. Certain modules will have assignments for you to submit. In addition, the instructors are very active within the forum & Facebook group. They will also continue to add more content to the already over 10 hours of modules in the course, bringing you more advanced strategies and techniques overtime. There will be monthly hangouts as well.

Interactive Community

Receive help and advice from an entire community of like-minded individuals. The course comes complete with an online forum for you to introduce yourself and get your questions answered. Respond to other students activities in your own news feed. DS Evolution also has its own Facebook group and fan page for you to follow and interact with.

Meet Your Instructors

We Are

Amisha Grasty

An Ecom Legends coach and top rated powerseller on eBay. She has dedicated the last 3 years to mastering dropshipping on eBay. She is committed to your success.

Maurice Lee

Maurice Lee is an Ecom Legends coach & top rated ebay powerseller for 2.5 years. He loves finding solutions to the problems that dropshippers may face and has helped many others achieve success in their ecommerce business.

The people have spoken

I really mean that this is the best course for dropshipping I’ve ever seen. I'm on this business for 3 years and have seen various videos. 8 hours of pure knowledge and found some “underground ” tips like how to find profitable unique seasonal items. Thank you!
I know this is the best out there, because of the way you teach for free!
Cheryl Agnew
- I want to share! This is a game changer! I already help and advise a lot of people with drop shipping and I want to share this with them. They need this. I needed this and didn’t know it! Turns out you can teach an old Diva some new tricks! I purchased this yesterday morning and wept, I wish I’d had all this information when I started out. Yes, I already know a lot of this now, but that’s due to extra research done by myself and many others I’ve had the pleasure to get to know and work with. However, I’m only 60% of the way through the course and I’ve learned loads I didn’t know. Yes, it’s US centric but, if you’re already drop shipping in the UK you’ve worked out how to adapt the training you’ve already had and made it work. Same principles apply the world over, just slight tweaks to adapt it and make it work anywhere.
Manda Holroyd

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